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July 17, 2018

Welcome| So happy you are here!


At the beginning of every new year there are countless resolutions popping up on our news feeds, being written in our planners and plastered all over our fabulous DIY vision boards. The ladies at Evermore Weddings and Events are no different! The year of 2018 is going to be one of luxury and beauty for every single one of our brides (our vision board even says so!).

One of the resolutions we are so excited about is kickstarting is the Evermore Blog! Whether your S.O. just popped the question or you’re daydreaming of the big day, make sure to log back on to find our take on the hottest trends of 2018, details of our weddings and a better look into the lives that make Evermore the unique and personal coordinator every bride deserves!

Evermore’s coordinators strive to provide the most detailed and personal experience for each of our clients. Throughout the wedding planning process we will get to learn a lot about you, your dreams, your Pinterest boards, your fiancé, the things you both love, the things you both hate and your family. It only seems fair that you learn a little bit more about our expert owners and lead coordinators!


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